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Baptism begins our new life in the church. It frees us from original sin, takes away any personal sin, and gives us grace to live as Christians (Acts 2: 38, 22: 16). We are reborn in Spirit and share in the life of the risen Christ (Rom 6: 3-7). Through Baptism we are freed from the chaos of sin and offered a new life in Christ. Baptism invites us to become disciples of Christ and members of the Christian Community. It is the beginning of our journey of faith and calls us to a life of the Spirit.

St. Rita's Guidelines for Baptism
Although one does not have to be a member of St. Rita's Parish, it is important to understand that there are certain guidelines that must be followed if one is to be baptized in our church:

  • One parent must be a practicing Catholic.
  • One godparent must be a practicing, confirmed Catholic.
  • The godparent must be 16 or of sufficient maturity to understand the full role of godparent.
  • Godparent(s) of another Christian faith may only serve as honorary godparents.
  • Parents and godparents must attend Baptismal preparation classes.
  • Baptisms usually occur during the Saturday or Sunday Mass.